Services we offer

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact measurement process that collects 3d spatial data of an object or surface automatically, and, in a systematic pattern at a rate of thousands of measurements per second.

This rich data set then facilitates the production of measured floor plans, elevations, sectional information, topographic detailing and 3D models within the digital environment.
Using this technology allows our surveyors to measure an asset in a much more efficient manner and with greater accuracy.

Having your asset measured in this matter not only saves time, and therefore money, but will also allow you to have your project hosted, online in a web environment, allowing you to interrogate, with no additional software, and view the site from within a desktop environment.

Measured Building Surveys

By incorporating the latest in "cutting edge" terrestrial laser scanners into our workflow, we are able to produce highly accurate measured building surveys.

Deliverables such as measured floorplans, building facades, sectional information and 3D models can be provided within a range of CAD/modelling packages to suit your needs

Area schedules conforming to RICS code of measuring practice including NIA/GIA/GEA or to the latest IMPS standards can also be provided.

Topographic Surveys

However large your site, be-it a large open landscape or small urban development, Precision Survey Solutions are able to produce a detailed topographic survey, providing you with a comprehensive plan of your development, containing the essential features and levels you need to plan your project.

And, utilising the latest in GNSS RTK GPS Solutions we are able to quickly and accurately place your site onto the latest national mapping coordinates so allowing other infrastructure partners to align their data with the site measurements.

UAV Surveys

Precision Survey Solutions are an approved CAA Operator of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Using our experience and in depth knowledge of coordinate systems and measurement platforms, we have been able to seamlessly adopt the very latest in RTK UAS solutions into our surveying workflow.

Utilising these latest high end mapping systems and professional photogrammetric reconstruction software, we are able to produce accurate data sets that can be integrated into any project workflow.

It is also important to understand that these systems require a quality assurance assessment that can be proven against known information.

Precision Survey Solutions do this by establishing a survey grade network of Ground control and verification points, that enable us, to assess the data we acquire using these aerial platforms, which is carried out using precise GPS and total station equipment.

At Precision Survey Solutions, we operate multiple unmanned systems which allow us to provide many solutions such as
Aerial Images and Video work, volumetric surveys, measured building models for heritage assessment, large scale topographic surveys and internal inspection work.

It is always important to consider safety when using UAS platforms, and at Precision Survey Solutions, safety is our number one priority, and in the interest of everyone we will always, if circumstances dictate, adopt a


Prior to every mission we will endeavour to identify all local hazards within the flight zone, establish any additional safety controls required and always fly within our CAA permission.